Hanging bronze door bell for your house, entrance or gate

Our advice to help you buy a hanging door bell
carapace_argile_cloche_de_porte The bell should be heard

The main function of a bell is to be heard by the occupants of the house. That is why we recommend the bronze bells which sound lens is easily noticeable by all. Bell founders for more than 200 years, the Paccard Foundry uses genuine bronze (brass), noble alloy of copper and tin, also known as the "bronze bell" to ensure proper tone and rich tone also linked  to the profile (shape of the bell).
Tinted or swinging or set

You have two ways to ring a mounting door bell :
          - Either by ringing: the small cord at the bottom of the clapper allows you to hit it on the inner part of the bell;
          - Or by swinging the bell through the mechanism for oscillating the bell on its axis. The clapper in moving with the bell and will strike opposite sides of the interior of the bell, alternately.
From experience, a "call bell" setting will a swinging way is  better heard if the occupants of the house are away from the door or gate
hanging door bell with oscillating mount
carapace_argile_cloche_de_porte The scope of the sound of the bell

The sound of the bell are vibrations that are perceived more easily there will be no obstacle to the propagation of sound and the bell will be placed in height. This configuration will depend on where you can place the bell and you will be taken into account for the choice of model.The size of the bell is usually judged by its diameter at the base will also play on the power of sound, in other words, the bell is more important (and therefore heavy) over the range of the sound will be great ....

Preconization, depending on the choice of the location

Here are our top tips to help you buy a door bell or portal sites on our online store:

At the door

If you need to just hear inside the house from outside,  the door bell with fixed mount is perfect. However, if you have a big house, we will advise a bell diameter Ø160mm with its gooseneck or larger.

At the gate for an house with a little garden
If the house is not so far from the gate,  the door bell wuth oscillating mount be convenient and you can place slightly inside on a pillar of the portal leaving the stainless steel chain available ( vidéo d’exemple).

In a mansion
The owners of a large house or mansion wanting to be heard by children or grandchildren without the remote area, the choice will be on a standard bell (or otherwise) of a Ø230 to 270mm diameter.
To give an indication of the bells of our schoolyards are often a diameter Ø230mm