Sale of personalized bronze bells, all sizes

Door bells, bells for gate, house, school courtyard.

Paccard bell's foundry offers you models of genuine bronze bells, with a diameter at the base of 7.5cm to 27cm, with their stainless steel or bronze hanging part. You could personalize the bell.
where find bronze door or house bells in genuine bronze
offer a bell as an original personalized gift for birthday happy event

Give a bell as a gift

For happy events: birthday, wedding, baptism, town twinning, you may offer a personalized bronze bell, a cow bell or a Paccard miniature bell, with a diameter of 7.5 cm to 20 cm with (or without) different supports: bronze handle, bronze support, wooden base. We also suggest small table bells.

Bells for chapels, churches, mansions

The Paccard bell's foundry manufactures bells for chapels and churches all over the world. By our online website, we suggest bells with a diameter of 230 mm to 390 mm. For larger bells, we will provide a quotation according to your bell equipment's wishes
Where to order a bell for a church, a chapel or mansions bells
manufacture of personalized bronze plaques for commemoration, inauguration, monument, funeral

Genuine bronze plaque

Paccard foundry casts bronze plaque. Quotation for all sizes, with decoration and text that will appear in relief on the plaque.

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