Front door bell Ř100mm - Fixed mounting

MP3 Bell tone
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Front door bell Ø100mm - Fixed mountingEach bell is handmade to order, by  the Founders. It is signed brand Paccard, cast in relief with the lost wax process, which can also add a customization (see option).The bell is made in genuine bronze ( an alloy of copper and tin)

The bell is only 10cm in diameter and is 8.5 cm high.
The fixed mounting support is made in stainless steel (marine grade 316) and the finish of the support is either sandbalsted or painted.
A short stainless steel marine chain (included) allows you to ring the bell. The stainless steel screws and bolts for attaching the mount on the wall come with the bell.
The finish of this bell is either brushed or mirror polished or patina (see detail specifications tab).
Net weight of the bell: with support
: 1,5Kg.