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Ship's bell

These bells have fixed mountings. The Ship's bell is fitted with a metal frame called a "gooseneck". Bell boat par excellence, it will also feel a home, as hanging bell door, especially by the sea
(Code: I160-Eng)
729.00 €
Ship's Bell Wall mountThe ship's bell is equipped with a stainless steel mounting called " Swan Neck". Particulary appropiated to be used as a ship'sbell, it is also delightful for a home or other installation, particularly near the ocean.

The Swan Neck Mounting is made of marine steel ( 316L) , and has a very fine sandblast  which gives a satin effect to the finish. This quality of stainless steel , enriched with chrome, is especially  developped for marin environments to garantee you excellent protection against rust and corrosion ...You "ll no longer have rust stains on your structure or boat.

Availlable on order  ( délay: 3 weeks) for a diameter of  Ř160mm( 6"1/4)  (4kg) to a diameter of  Ř310mm ( 12"1/8)  (21kg).