Personalized décorations
Decorations appear embossed on the bel. Thanks to lost wax process. Each decorated bell is unique
The shores of Lake Annecy
The Paccard Bell Foundry - Campanuna is a commercial subsidiary - is located at Sevrier - Lake Annecy - France.
Witness happy events ...
A replica (on a smaller scale) of the bell "The Savoy" was cast in 2010 in the gardens of the Palais du Luxembourg (Paris) and became one of the remaining witness of the 150th anniversary of the annexation of Savoy to France.
Since 1796...
Paccard Foundry has cast over 120,000 bells ringing around the world and is always led by the same family, know-how handed down from generation to generation. (Photo of "Jeanne d'Arc" out of the Foundry).
Online sale of bronze bells, all sizes, customized from Paccard bells Foundry
The Paccard Bell Foundry offers to everybody a range of bronze bells for individuals, schools, city halls, chapels, castles, boats .... and small bells table and cowbells.You can customize the bell, making the single object that can capture a happy occasion: birthdays, weddings, christenings, retirement, twinning of cities .... or simply beautify your property.
Small Paccard Bells for: gift, gate, door, school... with possibility of customization
Personalized bell - all options
customized bronze bell for gate gift
Let us customize your bell, Choice of more than 90 framesets, choose your option or equipment (doorbell).
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Door bells available on stock
doorbell gate bell in bronze made in France
Gate bell, door bells available on stock
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School bells available on stock
bronze bell for school playground
Bronze bells for school playground available on stock.
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House or school bells - ship's bells - bells without mount.
Classic bell
Bell swings on his mount, to install at the portal, in the school' s courtyard.
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Ship's bell
ship's bell in gnuine bronze with its stainless steel mount
Bell with fixed mounting which rings by hitting the bracket inside of the bell.
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Bell without equipment
bells in genuine bronze
You may want to make yourself the equipment of your bell.
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Miniature Paccard bells
With a wooden box
Miniature Paccard bell with its wooden box for gift, events....
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With wodden handle
Miniature Paccard bell with its wooden handle
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Decorative bells, wooden base
Paccard bells on wooden base with mallet and customization
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Bells as a gift for happy events
Decorated cowbells
Personalized cattlebells as gift for birthdays
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Table bells - Hand bells
Hand bronze bells used as table-bell or as decorative bells
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Paccard bell Museum items
Items sold in the Paccard Bell Museum
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Bells placed in windows, bell equipment, Paccard Museum items
Bells with metal or wooden yokes
Bell house, chapel, lodged in the window
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Mission, church, bells
Mission bells , manual ringing, recommanded abroad ( Africa, Asia,..)
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Replica of prestigious'bells
Replica of prestigious bells
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