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Small personalized Paccard bells, all options

Small personalized Paccard bells, all options
Door bells (with oscillating or fixed mount)  or others  small Paccard bells which could be personalized with decoration and inscription.
Follow the different steps to customize your bell.

Availalble small Paccard bell all options

Availalble small Paccard bell all optionsDoor bells with oscillating or fixed mount  available on stock as well as small Paccard bells that we regularly sell at the Paccard Museum shop. You have also the possibility to customize your bell

Oscillating house bells

Oscillating house bellsThese bronze bells are usually placed in front of buildings (school bell) or on a pillar at the gate of the house. Mounts (brackets) are stainless steel (marine grade).

Ship's bell

Ship's bellThese bells have fixed mountings. The Ship's bell is fitted with a metal frame called a "gooseneck". Bell boat par excellence, it will also feel a home, as hanging bell door, especially by the sea

Traditional school bells

Traditional school bellsWe offer genuine bronze bells with oscillating mount for schools, of different sizes, equipped with a stainless steel mount, easy to install. The bell Ø10cm is suitable for small schools of less than one hundred students. The bell Ø12,7cm gives satisfaction for elementary schools. If you want customization, configure your bell by choosing the theme "school" in the miniature Paxxard bells part of the web site.
The classic bells, more expensive, will be more sonorous because they have a weight of more important bronze.

Bronze bell without équipment

Bronze bell without  équipmentBy proposing the acquisition of a bell without equipment, Campanuna range, Paccard Foundry gives you the freedom to design and create your own frame or (and) to call the craftman of your choice.

Paccard bell foundry offers three ranges of bells without equipment. They differ mainly in the shape of the top of the bell.