You could customize the Ø10cm bell
Customize relief

The uniqueness of Paccard Bell foundry bronze bells is based mainly on craft molding processes to obtain a personalized and embossed decoration, for casting in the mass.
There's no standard, each design is handcrafted by the process "lost wax" and destroyed during the pouring of molten bronze. For each new bell, a new mold is created

Appropriate customization

As smaller isr the bell as difficult is the customization. For the bells of 10cm in diameter, we use the technique of photogravure to insert a text composed on a text file, in a rectangle of dimensions: 2.5 cm (top) 3.5 cm (wide). It is then treated according to the technique of lost wax like any other decoration, and will appear in relief on the bell.

How to process ?

When selecting one of the bronze bells in diameter of 10cm (door bell, on base or with a wooden handle), add the optional customization of the bell and send us your text. We will offer you an "OK to print" before the completion of the bell.

If you want more customization for your bell, please to visit our website: www. where the decorative possibilities are more important for the bells. The first dimension is the diameter of 160mm (diameter at the base of the bell).