Purchasing a church or mission bell in genuine bronze

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cloche de chapelle style tradition lanceace_argile_cloche_de_porte

Mission bells for churches or chapels

This section is recent. Many contacts received by the site gave us opportunity in recent years to directly supplyl church bells, especially for export (Africa, Asia, North America).

In export, these bells are ringed manually by a rope. The cord could be alos placed at the bottom of the clapper wing for the bells in fixed station, called "manual pulling".

For France we can offer electrical equipment for these bells but they require an installation by our technical team.

sonnerie de 3 cloches d'église

Wooden yoke mission bells

These bells are intended for chapels mainly in France, often restored by associations. They are ringed manually at religious services or events.

These are generally "unique" bells, ie consonant bells sold by unity. They are not subject to specific tuning, which does not impair their quality. The perfect control of the profile and the manufacturing processes ensure the production of high-quality consonant bells (Musicality - Sonority -tone): these are always bells made of genuine bronze, a noble alloy of copper and tin. The specific profile of the Paccard Foundry guarantees an excellent sound and a beautiful timbre.
cloche de chapelle Jambville
cloche eglise pour afrique ou asie

Mission bells with metal yoke for Africa , Asia countries

With these 220 years of existence, the Paccard Foundry advocates these bells for Africa, Asia, Caribbean countries..... These bells are easy to install and do not require maintenance.

The retro-model yokes are made of square metal tube and equipped with non-adjustable trunnions. Bearings made of a cast iron body have double / single row bearings of self-aligning balls. They are lubricated with grease with non-removable seals. The bearings are delivered with their support plates.

The optional flywheel are absolutely neceessary from the bell diameter Ø440mm to allow swinging the bell without difficulty.

The bells are delivered with a rope made of synthetic material, hemp aspect.
cloche eglise pour sonnerie fixe en Asie

Church bells at fixe post and ring with cord placed at the bottom of the clapper

Depending on the countries and cultures, the bells are not necessarily placed for swinging but are fixed under a support (beam generally) and rang from the clapper. They are called "manual draw". A company in southern India has even created an electronic system to ring bells with a cable connected to the bottom of the clapper.

We propose the bells with the traditional crown or with a flat top for this type of ringing. The clapper is designed for this specific bell and equipped with an ringat bottomin order to fix the cable or rope.

cloche eglise en poste fixe