French Government Label ( EPV ) : The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant - Living Heritage Company
French government label granted by experts
Paccard Bell Foundry received this French government label : Living Heritage Company. It is the same situation for the Jean Obertino bell Foundry which products cattle bells.
Here's the presentation of this label.
A government-awarded distinction in France
The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) - Living Heritage Company - label was set up by the French government  to distinguish French companies with excellent artisanal and industrial expertise. The label is granted for a five-year  period and brings together exceptional French manufacturers.
For the first time, companies have access to a government-awarded distinction that recognises their entire activity, because this label is awarded to the company itself, thus rewarding its staff too.

Criteria establishing excellence made in France
The criteria for receiving this label give value to French productionin a very qualitative manner. EPV-labelled companies are characterised by :
-  their specific economic heritage,
-  their use of rare know-how employing traditional or highly technical production methods,
-  their reputation or seniority.
Based on these criteria, rigorous selection is a guaranteed. EPV companies are trailblazers in their industry or essential suppliers within their specialism. They are the elite of French proficiency in every field.

A meticulous selection process to identify exceptional talent
The procedure  for awarding the EPV label is carried out  by experts in adherence  to strict legal guidelines. An independent Natioanl Commitee, comprising professionals who work to promote practices that guarantee excellence within their own industry, assesses and interprets the criteria for receiving the EPV label.
The file is examined by the Institut Supérieur des Métiers; government services in the region and competent consultative establishments are contacted for their opinion, an appraisal report is written; the companies  are visited by professional experts; the National Committee examines the file and the final decision is made by governmental ministers: the EPV selection process is a guarantee of their excellence.

The reference of French excellence
Your essential address book
Do you appreciate high-class goods and services? Are you a professional looking for the best materials and tools for your products? Do you set store by French-made products and value France's rich manufacturing heritage? EPV-labelled companies are essential little black book contacts for luxury services and products.
Supporting French prowess
The companies promote French  know-how in a variety of sectors: decoration, fashion and beauty, tableware, building heritage, professional equipment, culture, leisure and gastronomy. They operate in industries in which France enjoys an emblematic influence, as well as in cutting-edge sectors where the country has an unfamiliar strenghts which the label helps to detect.
Outstanding companies
EPV companies share the same values: adaptability, responsiveness, innovation and passion for their work. Regardless of their size, reputation and specialities, they watch over a treasure: thaht of French manufacturing heritage. In every field, whether traditional or avant-garde, they share a talent : that of offering a customised service or a hard-to-come-by item.
A strong identity

EPV companies are unique because they successfully combine tradition and innovation, know-how and creation, work and passion, heritage and future, international and local-orientation. They have an eye for detail - they  know how to tame a material, they perform every gesture with care and they are all guided by the same conviction the cult of value..
The desire to pass on expertise
Whether they are large and internationally renowned or more modest-sized, EPV companies  all have a common approch based on passing on know-how. A number of these exceptional companies  have knowledge  that is  centuries -old and has been  handed down from generation to generation.
On-going innovation
EPV companies are always improving their processes  and moving their products forward to push their art and technique further . Some improve their manufacturing processes, while others invent new techniques to meet  the requirements and expectations of their era. Ancestral expertise and modernity merge, and tradition blends seemlessly with innovation.