Foundry Jean Obertino & sons
Born there more than two centuries ...
Born there are more than two centuries, the Foundry Jean Obertino was first a family of itinerant Foundry bells in Italy and Switzerland before coming to settle in France in the early twentieth century and in 1931 in Morteau. Several generations have perpetuated this Obertino secular expertise today.

Today, Yves and Sylviane Obertino are worthy successors of this family saga. In the traditional foundry Morteau, there manufactures over 200 different models of bells in the strict tradition. The souvenir bell cattle through medals or reliefs bell, each product is molded manually before being melted and decorated by hand.

All the bells made ​​casting Jean Obertino, recognized since 2011 "Entreprise du Patrimoine vivant" (Living Heritage Company) as the bell Paccard Foundry. They can be customized on demand.
Sand Casting
Unlike the Bell Foundry Paccard bells are fully molded sand. As for Paccard Foundry, the Foundry uses a model that is placed in the main chassis part. It is covered with packed sand with a gland, thus obtained external footprint. Then, the first frame part is returned to be embedded in the second and then the operation is repeated to fill the interior of the model. After drilling the tap hole, the two mold portions are separated to remove the template.

Decoration and inscriptions are then applied "Spoon" on the outer footprint sand and two mold parts are assembled together. The client must understand that this is not the same approach as the technique of lost wax casting practiced by Paccard.

Each has its own profile Foundry bell and we can say that the bell cattle basic profile of this foundry, is declining by the bell from 100g to 18kg bell 34cm in diameter.
Why the sale of these bells on this site?
The Bell Foundry Paccard sells bells Foundry Jean Obertino through the shop's Museum for over 20 years.
The website for online sales of Paccard Foundry has quickly offered bells sold at the Museum Shop.
Users then began to ask the bells of cattle individually to offer as a gift.

We tailor our site to enable the user to be able to customize these bells to order.
Our excellent cooperation with Jean Obertino Foundry allows us to meet with a lot of satisfaction to our customers' orders.