Restoring a bell
For less than 50kg bells ...
You found an old bell from your family and you want to restore it back into place on the property.

The bell must certainly have a gray-green patina due to the passage of time, you just need to clean the bell impurities but retain the natural patina. If you want the bell returns to its former glory, it will make sanding and brushing.

If the bell is cracked, we do not recommend for these bells of this size, any attempt to weld. It is best to ask for a repeat by taking the best of the old decorations.
The wooden yoke
If you want a new leaf for the bell, you must check whether the bail inside the bell is still in good condition. You must provide us with a photo of the inside of the bell and the measurement as shown in the diagram below cons.

To repair the wooden frame of the bell (also called "yoke"), we will also need a photo of the bell, the diameter at the base and measures the "window" that will receive it. We can then give you an estimate.
Metal equipment
It is possible to ask for your metal equipment bell. Will be accomplished by stainless steel (marine grade) to avoid rust problems that litter the walls. We will need a photo and dimensions of the bell so you make an appropriate proposal.

We also produce media for attaching bells with wooden frame or metal frame on the side of a building. As for other equipment, materials are made of stainless steel (marine grade).