You are a foreign customer and you want to order a bell

Important export activity

Foundry Paccard sustained export (40 to 60% of its turnover) for over a century activity. Campanuna Sŕrl, a subsidiary of Paccard Foundry, benefits from this experience.

The site allows you to directly control a small bell or door bell making you deliver by parcel post in your country.

For bells Campanuna range, contact is usually made by email to define the terms and cost of transportation. Sending a bell abroad has a billing duty (without VAT).

Bells for churches in Africa

We regularly deliver bells in African countries in response to requests for church bells.
The most appropriate model is the contemporary bell bell diameter 39cm with its stainless steel yoke (see photo against).
This bell installed at the right height will be satisfied.

Shipping is usually done by air in a wooden case for a gross weight of 65kg, went to the airport in the country.
This approach allows the establishment of an export bill (without VAT 19.6%).
The customer dealing out the formalities on site with the freight airport to retrieve the bell.

Please be free to contact us for a quote or for other bells dimensions.