Paccard's Foundry makes customized bronze plaques
Genuine bronze : Paccard bell Foundry 's speciality
Due to our profession: bronze bell founders, clients, mainly communities or associations regularly ask us to make bronze plaques.

This may be a plaque as per one showed like on the photo inaugurated by the President of the Republic, during ceremonies on November 11, 2010. It is regularly plaques to mark a place of remembrance ceremonies or for inaugurations.
Paccard Foundry can make plaques of all sizes thanks to the large capacity of its furnaces.

Bronze is known for its hardness, durability, frost resistance among others, as we also have requests for plates for sightseeing tours or embedded in the ground or affixed to or stake holders to mark a path (last: production of plates for paths of Saint-Jacques of Compostela).
plaque_bronze_commemorative_juin_1940 Plate (pictured right) made ​​for the town of Thonon (74), square of the Place de l'Hotel de Ville, indicating the start of the GR5

Plate (photo left) commemorative of the Basilica to Sion (Switzerland), dimensions: 85cm x 40cm
Master decorations and inscriptions
plaque_en_bronze_personnalisee The Founders used for decoration and inscriptions, the same technique as for the decoration of bells (lost wax technique). They can also work from a model sculpted by an artist. The cast is then made flat with foundry sand.

The price will be linked to bronze weight that will be determined according to the size of the plate and its thickness and also the decoration work.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.