Please, use the possiblity of customizing the bell  Ø10cm
Customizing in relief

The unique character of bronze bells from the Paccard Foundry is based mainly on handcrafted molding processes to obtain individually decorated in relief, as cast in the mass.
There's no series, each decoration is handmade by the process "lost wax" and destroyed during the pouring of molten bronze. So, for each new bell, a new mold is created.

Customizing adapted

As smaller is the bell, as difficult is the customization. For bells of 10cm diameter, we use photo engraving techniq to insert  text composed on a text file in a rectangle of dimensions: 2.5 cm (top) 3.5 cm (wide). After, the engraved plated becomes the decoration model  using the technique of lost wax like other decoration, and will appear in relief on the bell.

How to process ?

When selecting one of the bronze bells of 10cm in diameter (door bell, on base or with a wooden handle), add the option: customization of the bell and send us your text when you finalize your order ( "Special instructions" in the  sheet order) . We will submit an "OK to print" before the bell production.

If you want more decorations for your bell, we can only advise you to visit our website: www. where the possibilities of decoration are more important for bells which the first dimension is the diameter 160mm (diameter at the base of the bell).