I'm afraid that one steals my bell

The bronze is no recipe ...

 Our bells are not made of copper but  with bronze, special alloy of copper and tin melt at 1200 ° C and the Founders own bell under the term "brass". Recycling this metal: bronze bell is not easy because it does not interest the "scrap" but essentially Bell Foundries which are few in Europe.
What is the value?

The market for second-hand bell is not flourishing, even in antique shops. We often have requests for hand bells which we can not answer. About demands of a monetary quantification of an old bell: our response is based on the price of bronze (with the exception of historical bells).

The real value is sentimental attachment provided by the owner of the bell (or family thereof). It is not uncommon that when a sale of a house, the previous owners leave with the bell. We rebuild equipment for customers who want to replace a bell that comes from their family.
The bells tell a good story ...
This is perhaps afraid of "stories" that attempts little thieves!
The bells are identifiable

The bells are all the Paccard brand for bells Campanuna range are numbered. In addition, the customer often requires decoration or inscription.
This ease of connection of the object to its owner as a deterrent side (or preventive) that leads us to suggest our customers to always add a little personalization to the ordered bell.

Of course no one is safe from vandalism (or theft) free but with experience we can say that there is no reason that a bell is most stolen than another item.