Choose a bell for school
An alarm equipment type 4
The bell is often cited as one of the alarm equipment Type 4 (as defined in Article MS62), in case of fire, for public buildings, ranked fourth or fifth class.

It is true that it is audible enough to prevent all occupants to leave the premises immediately.
This applies to most small schools in the towns, but also resorts, leisure without accommodation or other.
Indeed, security, special provisions for facilities of the type R (Institutions awakening, education, training, holiday center, recreation centers without accommodation), Article R31 on the security system, the alarm system says: "... the fourth class facilities must be equipped with an alarm Type 4 equipment" (Arr.4 June 1982; Arr.13 janv.2004 Article 2)

So why not equip the school bell to comply with the safety rules?
And combine the useful with the pleasant is also used to spell the end of playtime?
By cons, in this election, the leaders of these small establishments must inform the school staff and users of the characteristic of the sound signal, ie the way the bell will be rung in case of alarm so there is no confusion in the other uses of the bell like tone (Ex: end of playtimes).
What model of bell school choose?
For a school bell, we advise you to mount a bell swinging.

The choice of model and the diameter of the bell depend on the size of the school. For a small village school welcoming students from 50 to 100 door bell Ř10cm mount oscillating and a reasonable budget is perfect. Small schools with this bell nousont expressed their satisfaction.

For larger primary or elementary school, we will advise a traditional bell with a diameter of 180 to 230mm. More bell is heavy, the greater the range of sound is important especially if you can put the bell at a good height. For indication of a bell diameter Ř180mm, the bell is heard properly over 100m if there is no major obstacle (another building). The best-selling bell for elementary schools is the classic bell Ř230mm on which you can put pretty frieze "Circle of Children" (see photo against).
School bell and pedagogical approach
The bells gradually reappear in schools in Haute-Savoie in educational school project.
The students usually come visit the Bell Museum Paccard adjacent to the Foundry in the context of a field trip. The explanations on the manufacture of bells and educational workshops can be organized. In the afternoon, they can attend the casting of the bell of the school. We will then unmold the bell the next day in the courtyard of the school to continue the magic of making.

The photos against (click on photo to enlarge) were taken in Les Les Gets in Haute Savoie. "Schoolchildren village of Les Gets were able to attend the realization of the school bell. Saturday 18 July 2009 to 17 hours, they brought small bronze ingots to the oven set up by the Paccard Foundry, on the village square. pending the casting of bells, which took place at night, an educational workshop on manufacturing bells were offered late afternoon Around 21h, their bell -. well as those for the Museum of Mechanical Music -. were cast the next morning, the heads of schools have "fired" the bell . it was then brushed and then fixed on the metal frame. Earlier this afternoon, it was installed on a pillar of the school yard to the delight of all. "

Even if you are not a common area, why not consider a pedagogical approach to the acquisition of the bell for school?