The bells Paccard under 50kg
Bells for private house
The Bell Foundry Paccard always cast bells under 50kg, called "bells call" or "properties", but it does not sell. Only regular dealers were able to get the manufacture for specific or chapels. The local customers could also order by the the Paccard bell Museum .

However the Paccard Foundry was aware of the existence of a market because of the requests received by mail that she was struggling to respond satisfactorily. To this he had several reasons:
- Customer follow-up and production of a small bell required the same work as a church bell, where a profitability problem;
- Production of a catalog in color was too expensive because of all the specific models or decorations and should be constantly updated.
- It was also too expensive to have a representative on the road to order a small amount.
Campanuna: commercial subsidiary of the Paccard Bell Foundry
The company Campanuna was born after the meeting between Philippe Paccard (CEO of Foundry) and Bernard Leroux (e-shopping). They decided to venture into the online sale of bells under 50kg. The bet is risky, creating Campanuna as an affiliate of Foundry allowed to end the adventure easily if it was not a success.

Campanuna is the combination of two words of Latin origin: Campanuna = bell, una = unique. In fact the idea is to offer the sale of fully customizable bells at the decorations, finishes, by the user, the bells being made one by one by the Founders.

Achieving the web site was a real challenge. The site must both take into account all the technical specifications of the manufacture of the bell while remaining easy navigation for the user's choice of personalization. The site has been developing as a custom made site and took two years to be published.
Customers responded quickly ...
The first command received came eight days after the opening of the site Foundry Paccard introduced a new internal organization quickly to treat these commands and part of the workshop was arranged in this way. The computer tool, linked to the site, can instantly transform the customer's order to "Manufacturing document" for the craftman, which is a time saver for the Foundry.

What are the customers comming on the site? This question is often asked. The majority of clients are individuals who want to provide a bell for their home or provide a bell within a happy occasion: birthday, christening, retirement, rack ... Customers are also associations for a chapel bell restoration or communities for bells for schools or cemeteries. We also have orders for ship bells, whose share of the Navy.