Ringing bells and good neighborliness
Ringing civil bells
The question was asked by one of our customers on the proper use of a bell with the neighborhood property. Philippe Paccard, managing director of the paccard bell Foundry, has given us the following explanation for France country:

  "In the regulation of civil or religious ringing bells (we mean by the bells of our churches, town halls properties) is the mayor, who has authority over this question.Pour religious buildings built after 1905 (Act Combe), ringtones are also governed by the mayor, although he could not oppose religious use when there for years. "
Ringtone for private home
"For private ringtones, ie individuals - your situation - they are appreciated as noise neighborhoods and in fact, if the sound level is reasonable, your neighbor can not oppose it.

Reasonable term is not clearly defined. In case of dispute expertise could be made by assessing the additional noise caused during the few seconds during a bell ringing from the usual noise. This would be seen by an expert and a measurement made ​​with a sound level meter set to the nearest window or door of your neighbor over your property and especially in relation to the sound source. Raising the noise level would be appreciated in this case over an hour. This increased noise level must not exceed 4 dB decibels during the day and two at night. I insist on the fact that the noise level is assessed on an hour and not at the exact moment of your time ringing. Thus, most of the time, the above constraint is respected, but it really depends on the ambient noise level of your maison.Dans a very quiet location (no car, no plane, no activitéextérieure) level sound may be 50 to 55 db which is very low (very rare). Sometimes a house located near a highway generating a constant background noise helps to increase the background noise to 60 dB, and in this case it is easier to ring a bell regularly. "
And some advice
"And some advice: - Your bell is small (diameter <270) and noise power caused by the striking of a jingle is not very high - in the case of an electric bell, it is possible to adjust. electric hammer toward or away from the ball such a way that the sound level is increased or decreased. In this way it is possible to get sound leniveau 72, 75 db measured at one meter. This will be measured at 20 or 30 meters is very low -. It is advisable not to strike the hours at night because usually the background fall very significantly at night. "
These details will interest all those who would be afraid of having problems with neighbors by installing a bronze bell Campanuna, with a diameter of less than 40cm in diameter at the entrance to their property.