Offer a bell as a gift exception for an anniversary

Give a bronze bell for a personalized gift-twinning, a corporate gift or association has several unique features:
An object that can not be ignored

Outside puns attached to this item, the evidence received by elected talking about a real emotion perceived by the beneficiaries. The beauty and nobility of the object will not leave anyone indifferent. The sound quality resulting from striking the bell by the mallet gives this gift be useful if it is placed in place of the Chair ... it will not be a simple decorative gift.
(One against: bell on base offered during the friendships Covenant: Faverges (74) and Roncobello (Italy))
Customization created a story

The bells available for twinning are inscribed on the pairing (name, date) but also decorative emblems or logos (company, association) on each side.

The relief decoration on the bell, cast at the same time that it (thanks to the technique of lost wax) show a story that is created and that will continue.

Example: Matching Gift - City of Genlis

Annie Gotte, Deputy Mayor of the City of Genlis (21110) was the original choice to order a bronze bell Ø160mm on its base in oak wood with a mallet as a gift twinning between the two cities.

The door bell as inscription in relief: GENLIS - SPRENDLIGEN LONGECOURT - 2012.

The finish of the bell is polished mirror.

The gift was given to the Mayor of Sprendligen Germany May 26, 2012
Example: Matching Gift - City Rumilly

City Rumilly (Haute-Savoie) commissioned a bronze bell Ø160mm on its base in oak wood with a mallet as a gift twinning with the city of Michelstadt (Germany).

The door bell as inscription in relief Michelstadt - RUMILLY - 40 YEARS OF MATCHING-May 25, 2012.

The logo of the City Rumilly was postponed relief on the second side of the bell.

The finish is satin bell

Mr. Violette, Deputy twinning City Rumilly came attended the casting of the bell and take pictures to show in Germany.