First world web site selling bells online
The web site:
If the development of the site has taken a long time, the first orders came quickly but we realize that we should continue to develop it constantly. The primacy of the sale of bells online requires us to continually adapt to customer demand.

The first major change was the ability to add effigies, drawings or other logos on the bell, in addition to the particulars. Then, we have duplicated the English language site and U.S. (for measuring height and weight). The transport module, to adapt to the constraints of international sales, was also the subject of a specific development.
These developments have not been arrested in the design of the site and they question its overall architecture. This is why thinking about a redesign of the site began in the year 2010.
Second web site :
If site meets the specific request of a custom bell called "Campanuna" range, it proved unsuitable for the simple sale of small bells offered by the Paccard Bell Museum cast by John Obertino Foundry.

So we opened a second site to sell these small bells. At the same time the Bell Foundry Paccard developed a small bell with a diameter of 10cm to respond to requests over a larger product "entry level" for door bells, The insertion of this new product on this site has quickly boosted it.

Soon, customers have asked for a product customization on the new site .... So why two sites for custom bells? According to the E-Commerce Academy organized by "Oxatis" Section "E-initiative", we wrote an application for the new site selling online custom bell Paccard Foundry, a first for the "Oxatis" online plateform solution.
Still more features and content.
The jury of the E-Commerce Academy we awarded the prize in 2012 and we work with Oxatis for the implementation of the personalization module on the site for bells Campanuna range.

With the choice of Oxatis online sales solution, we enjoy all the new features, up-to-date news. We were able to activate the option of ordering small bells by a mobile phone.

We also enrich the content of the site, which was a little frustrated with our previous web site: We will also gradually add all the evidence and pictures received from customers.