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Bronze bell without équipment

By proposing the acquisition of a bell without equipment, Campanuna range, Paccard Foundry gives you the freedom to design and create your own frame or (and) to call the craftman of your choice.

Campanuna offers three ranges of bells without equipment. They differ mainly in the shape of the top of the bell.
You will find on the same principle, the bronze bell 10cm diameter, without equipment.
(Code: 2BEng160)
469,00 EUR
Customized  unmounted bronze bell with  ship's crown The option from Campanuna to purchase a bell without equipment leaves you free to conceive and produce  your own mounting or call upon a local craftsman of your choice.

The top of the bell is characterized by a trapezoid  from pierced horizontally  with a hole , typical of bells mounted on a boat or a ship. The ship's crown is cast into the bell at the same time as the bell is cast.

Thes  ship's crown allows the bell to be mounted  on a boat or a ship in the purest martime tadition, or a house nearby the sea (learn more).