About Campanuna



Our Mission: The group gathers under its entity PACCARD four entities, each devoted to a specific aspect of the bell. Its mission is to meet the expectations of its customers by offering products and services of high quality, tailored to every need. Foundry PACCARD, ARS SONORA ®, © CAMPANUNA PACCARD and Museum, each Group entity has made a point of excellence in its field of competence: church bells and carillons for the Foundry PACCARD, bells custom designed to individuals with CAMPANUNA ®, urban musical sculptures for ARS SONORA ® and cultural visits and events for the Museum PACCARD.


Our Values: Since its creation in 1796, the PACCARD Bellfoundry- at the origine of the group -worked in the service of the Christian Faith by making bells for churches and chapels throughout  world wide. Today its business is diversified by the use of the bell in a non-religious, including combining it with advanced technology: Tradition and Modernity, these are the watchwords of the Group PACCARD. Basis through these changes, our workethic continues to be based on Christian values​​: research - including work- what is right and good, love of beauty, perfectionism, sense of service,respect for others, that it is a client or staff member ...

Bells store

The group Paccard published in April 2007 the first  worldwide online sales site of custom bells: www.campanuna.com. Thus, in seven steps, evryone can define the bell he wants with its own customization.

The Bell Museum has joined the project in order  the site sells also the items offered in his Museum shop.

The successive development of the site Campanuna have complicated the management of this part of the site where the user just has to choose his article and put it in her basket.

So we decided to create the site "Bells Store " devoted to small bronze bells and others and also to respond progressively to all requests for articles related to the world of the bell and its Museum Sevrier - Lac d'Annecy (74)